He couldn’t help but notice how this bordered on strangely intimate, but maybe that was just a side effect of having sex with someone you’ve known for a while… even if they barely knew anything about each other. Still, sex made you feel things you thought you were really there. That’s why more half the people who say I love you during sex never mean it. It’s just a reaction. So just because he thought she was cute and more than appealing probably didn’t mean anything. It was just because she’d gone down on him, and he’d successfully made her feel fucking good, and that was all just playing tricks on his mind. After they were done, he’d go back to thinking straight. It was never easy when she was still underneath him, looking completely turned on and gorgeous.

He met her gaze and he felt like his whole body was on fire, the overwhelming feeling of him moving inside of her and looking down at her, and it was all enough to make him come right then. When she pulled him down for a kiss he was relieved, he wanted to push this as far as he could go, sure as hell not wanting it to end so quickly. “Shit,” he hissed, his hand pressing hard into her hip, pushing himself even farther into her. He didn’t even care anymore, and he knew it might leave bruises on her side, but right now he wasn’t worried about any of that. He couldn’t think about anything else but her, and how good he felt at this moment and never wanting it to stop. He groaned, almost missing her begging him to move faster, but he was already adjusting himself at a better angle so he could do just that. He pulled himself up, his hips moving even quicker, pounding into her, his breathing becoming totally erratic. ”God, you’re so fucking beautiful,” he said, before he could stop it, but he’s fucking her, really fucking her and his brain doesn’t even think to feel embarrassed about it. It’s already out there, slipped out from just a passing thought he had, a normal reaction to have when screwing someone. It’s because he’s close, and he knows he won’t last much longer at this rate.

She felt his hand against her hip, and she knew instantly it was going to leave a mark, but she didn’t care, it was going to be worth it. If it was up to her, she would be all marked up from hickeys and teeth marks, if only they didn’t have to hide that they were doing this. She watched him move slightly and all of a sudden he was pushing into her father, and harder, and faster, and her moaning got louder, and she couldn’t even think straight, could hardly breathe. She brought one hand into her hair, her back arching as she rolled her hips up, faster, and harder, grinding against his own. She was surprised by the compliment, but she didn’t show it. Instead she acted as if it hadn’t been said, though it clearly had. It was because he was in the moment, they were both very in the moment, too far now to even think of getting out of it. “Fucking christ, Ryan,” She moaned, loudly, louder than she had moaned anything else that’s for sure. And there was his name. Again, probably because she was just in the moment. She felt the feeling in her stomach intensify, and she knew there was no way she was going to hold on. She reached her hands up to place them against his cheeks, steadying his face so he could look at her, her eyes fluttering open. She didn’t stop her hips from meeting his as she spoke, “Come with me.” She stated, it wasn’t a question or a beg, but almost a plea, her hands slowly trailing down his chest.

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It was weird to think that before this, they barely even talked at all. This was probably the most they talked in about six months, especially since it was mostly argument about god knows what. Now here he was, laughing and actually having fun with her, tickling her in a sort of intimate way. Plus he had learned quite a few  things about her already, just from this short amount of time. Most of it was sexual, yeah, but he couldn’t help but be curious about other things too. If he ever would, that was a different story.

He was glad when she quickly got the hint. It was exactly what he wanted, and needed to hear in that moment. She even knew to throw in the fuck, just for him, which was greatly appreciated. He already liked hearing her curse, and could get used to hearing it a lot more, especially in this context. He happily obliged, moving out of her slowly and carefully pressing back into her, much faster than he had been going before. It felt even better, if that was at all possible, gliding in with ease because of how wet she already was. He repeated that a few times more, his hips keeping a steady pace, breathing getting irregular. He kissed her once softly on her jawline before pulling his head up so he could look down at her, watching her move under him, her face flushed and hair a mess, and feeling more turned on than he ever could remember. 

She’d never seen this part of Ryan before, well, any part.. of what she was seeing. But this was different. He was smiling, and he was being nice.. cute, even. She could get used to it. Well, in strictly a …beneficial way. It just benefited towards sex, right? He was cute, that was good. She shook her head to ignore her thoughts, it didn’t matter what she was thinking. It was probably just because she was in the mood. You could think anything in the middle of sex. Afterwards she’d probably go back to being annoyed by him and wonder why the fuck she did this in the first place. Maybe.

Her head fell back, her eyes fluttering closed as his pace picked up and he continued moving in and out. She bit down on her bottom lip, trying for just a few seconds to keep herself quiet. But the more he continued, the better it felt. It was like he was the perfect size for her, like he was made to fit just her, which was weird and totally something she wouldn’t even remember thinking once this was all finished. Her lips parted as she moaned, rocking her hips up to meet his for every thrust. One hand drifted up his back, her nails digging into his skin as the other dug into the skin of his hip, as if pulling him to move faster. She felt his head move from his neck and her eyes opened slowly, surprised by seeing him looking down at her. She hadn’t had a moment like this before. She could feel him moving in and out of her as his eyes were locked with hers and something about that was so personal, and sexual, and such a damn turn on. She brought her hands to his cheeks, pulling his face down to hers, placing a soft kiss against his lips before resting her forehead against his. Her eyes closed, her breathing picking up even more if that was possible.”God…” She moaned, her hips moving faster to meet his, feeling the pressure already in her stomach once again. “Faster,” she muttered, breathing hard against his lips, feeling closer to him than she had anyone in a really long time, if at all.

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She Wouldn’t Be Gone | Blake Shelton

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The grin he had erupted into full on laughter when she pushed him away, flashing him a look that screamed ‘don’t test me.’ Which, of course, made him just want to do it again, so he poked her side again, running his hands down her sides and making sure she couldn’t knock him away. He didn’t even really notice how comfortable they seemed already, and how it seemed pretty.. natural, almost? This was their first time, strangely enough. First time having sex, first time ever hanging out outside the office, just the two of them. Sure, there had been office meetings and meet-ups after work with everyone, but one on one? It was surprisingly easy, like they already had a routine. So maybe the talking wouldn’t be so bad. Not if it came as easy as all this.

Maybe he should have seemed less than eager to start without the condom, but he was growing more impatient and he agreed with her - skin on skin was always better. “Jesus,” he breathed, feeling himself enter her fully and exhaling hard, pausing and adjusting to just how tight she really was. But he didn’t stay still for long, moving his hips up into her once, hard, biting his lip at the contact. He started to move inside her, burying his head in the crook of her neck, his breathing already out of control. She felt so good, he couldn’t help but wonder why they hadn’t decided to do this a hell of a lot sooner. If only they’d known. He quickly got a rhythm going, long, slow strokes, purposely going slow and wondering if it was driving her as crazy as it was him. He wanted to hear her moan, but also hoped she’d beg for him to pick up the pace. Even now he needed to tease her, just to hear her hopefully beg for what she wanted.

She couldn’t help but grin at his laughter, intrigued with the fact that he seemed… happy. There were few times that she’d seen him look happy in the office.. if any. He seemed quite miserable, not laughing or smiling at much of anything really. So it was like this was a completely different side of him all together. She liked him outside of work, and obviously outside of his clothes too. There was something about him that she just liked all together. She never thought she’d actually like or respect Ryan, but she had a feeling she did now. She went to slap his hand away as she laughed out loud, “Stopppppp,” She whined, giving him another look though it hadn’t even worked the first time.

She watched him as he moved into her, her eyes scanning his face. He looked so concentrated, and his eyes were half lidded and she liked everything about that look he had on his face. Even more because she was the one causing it. Once he started moving inside her, her head fell back, her lips parting as her breathing picked up. She had always liked skin on skin, sure, it always had a different sort of sensation. But with Ryan? This was an all different sensation all together. This alone was enough to bring her back to him every single night.  She brought her hands into his hair once his face hit her neck, turning her head slightly so she could breathing against his ear, moaning quietly every time he pushed himself deeper inside of her. She knew he was going slow just to make her beg for more, that much was obvious. In return, she could just keep it going like this. But he’d done a lot, he deserved a little begging. “Faster,” She whispered, her tongue running along his earlobe. “Please, fuck me.” He liked to hear her swear, so what was more perfect than that? Plus, that is what she wanted.

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He was trying not to think about how it could potentially go back to being as awkward as when he first got here, wanting to just stay easy like it was now. Of course after this he’d know her in a completely new way then he did when he first got here, so that might help things a bit. Right now everything was hot and they were clearly better at communicating with their bodies than with words, but once that was over, he didn’t want it to be unbearable, and have to make up some excuse to fuck and leave. But he really didn’t want to think about it, so he pushed it to the side of his mind and just pulled his focus back to her, where it belonged.

He could tell she was just teasing him when she acted like she had no clue what he meant, fighting back a laugh as he poked her side, knowing now that she was very ticklish, and he’d gladly use it to his advantage. “Okay,” he nodded, because honestly he liked it better that way. He was careful, got tested when he needed to, always made sure he had something with him. And he definitely trusted her, this was Pam for god’s sake. If he could trust anyone, it’d be her. “That works for me,” he said, his lips lightly brushing hers, “I don’t want to keep you waiting anyway.” Not that he could wait either, because he really couldn’t. He didn’t care about taking it slow and making the moment last, screw that. Not when either of them could barely wait as it was. He pulled away from her lips, positioning himself so he could not waste another second as he pushed into her, a small groan escaping his lips. He was barely even in her all the way yet, but it already felt so good. Too good. His hips move forward almost on their own and his eyes close, cursing before he can stop himself.

She wiggled her body once he poked her in the side, letting out a loud laugh as her hand went to slap his away. He found out she was ticklish pretty quickly, like, really quickly. And he was obviously using that towards her advantage. She looked up at him with narrowed eyes, shaking her head as if warning him not to do that again. It was weird. He was right there, on top of her, naked. They were just about to have sex, but instead she was laughing and it was like they were some… couple, that had been together for a while. It was weird, definitely not a feeling she thought she’d ever feel with Ryan.. especially on their first time having sex. Though she never thought she’d feel that at all.. but still.

She was thankful that he agreed, because it could have gotten easily embarrassing and awkward if he was against not having a condom. She was lucky, because some guys would be against that. She smiled against his lips, watching him as he pulled away, nodding her head eagerly. “Definitely can’t keep me waiting,” She told him with a slight pout, her nails dragging slowly up his arm. She rested her head back against the pillow, letting out a slight breath as he pushed into her. Her lips parted, a slight hitch in her breath as she adjusted to his size, which was also perfect. Why was she using that word to describe him a lot? That.. was scary. She heard him swear as he pushed further into her, and she couldn’t help the moan that left her lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist, the heels of her feet digging at the small of his back to pull him in completely. Once he was in fully, her nails dug into the skin at his shoulder. “Fuck, you feel so good,” She moaned, her hips rolling before she could even stop herself. It was all just happening without even having to think, which was great because she was pretty sure her mind had disappeared from the pleasure she was feeling in that moment - or since he came over all together.

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He was always a big talker. If he had no filter any other time, he most definitely didn’t have one in bed. In fact, it just made it worse, being in the moment and saying whatever the hell felt good in that moment. It was just something he’d always done, but he liked that she was into it, hoping it would just egg her on more. He felt her nails on his hips and taking him in far and knew he was close, and he knew she could tell, too. It was obvious, but still he always liked to give the girl a little… warning. You know, it was the gentlemanly thing to do, after all. Still, his brain couldn’t exactly comprehend actual sentences, not with her sucking on him like that, he was surprised he could say anything at all. He managed a strangled “Pam” as a warning before giving in, his head falling back against the pillow, his breathing shallow.

If he could manage a laugh at her smug face, he would have, but he just smiled and watched her crawl up to him through hooded eyes. Another image he’d definitely never forget. He couldn’t believe he was already feeling turned on again, but it was pretty easy with her pulling on his lip, and her whispering in his ear that she wanted him inside her. “Mmm trust me, I want to be inside you, all tight and wet just for me,” he replied, placing his hands on her hips and kissing her hard, tongue slipping past her lips, moving to her neck, and he knew he shouldn’t have but he couldn’t help it. He’d be careful not to leave anything behind that Roy could find, but it was so hard to hold back when he felt like this, so completely wanting to pleasing her. He moved himself so he was on top of her, “Do you have a… any, you know.” His mind was completely blank, and he hoped she’d realize what he meant. He should have been smart enough to bring something, not that it’d be any good with his pants discarded in the living room, and had no clue if they’d just have condoms lying around any where in there.

She watched him, enjoying the fact that she could turn him on so easily, and so fast. She scooted a little closer as his hands met her hips, and she couldn’t help but grin at his words. It was so dirty, but such a turn on. She wasn’t sure if she liked dirty talk, or dirty talk from Ryan.. two different things completely. She kissed him back, her head turning to rest against the pillow as his lips met her neck. There was nothing more annoying than the fact that he couldn’t make any marks. She almost wanted to shout for him to just do it, who cared - but she thought against it and instead replied, “Just for you.”

She looked up at him, her legs spreading slightly as he positioned himself on top of her. It was bizarre, maybe in a moment like this, in her position - would be a wake up call. Like, hey you’re really gonna fully cheat on your fiance, are you sure about this? But she wasn’t feeling any regret, or guilt - anything. She was just turned on by the fact that this was Ryan on top of her, a guy who really knew what he was doing, and there was no getting around it - he was just as turned on as she was. She slowly shook her head, unable to hide the smile on her face. “What are you trying to say?” She asked, tilting her head to the side slightly. It was obvious he couldn’t find the word, and as much as she wanted to tease him, she was impatient too. “No. I don’t have any.” She brought a hand to the back of his neck, bringing him down to kiss him lightly, “I don’t like them. I like to feel just skin.” She whispered against his lips, her hand trailing down his back as she pulled away. “I’m on the pill.” She hoped that he’d realize, she was Pam. She wasn’t some trashy girl who slept around, she was completely clean. As for Ryan, it sounded like he slept around, but she also knew he was smart. She trusted him for some bizarre reason… but especially in this moment.

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He wasn’t sure how, well.. good she was going to be, for lack of a better word. Not that he’d had many bad blowjobs in the past, since it wasn’t the hardest thing in the world. Still, he wasn’t exactly sure how skilled she’d be in this area, or really any of this. So far he’d been surprised, and this was proving to be no exception. He was glad and pleasantly surprised at how she seemed to really know what she was doing, which would only make it harder for him not to come right then and there. “God,” he groaned, hips rolling, as his head fell back onto the bed. “You’re mouth feels so fucking good.” He wasn’t always this dirty, but for some reason he was finding it hard to hold back with her. He didn’t think she’d mind much.

He was already hard, and so so close, and knew if she kept it up for much longer like this, he’d be done. He felt her tongue at his tip before she swallowed him completely, his hands knotting in the sheets as he tried his best to last, wanting to keep this going for as long as he possibly could. He was making a lot of noise, most of it coming out as a mixture of fuck and whatever else he could think of, but he knew she was enjoying it, just like he’d enjoyed hearing her. He kept his hips moving, knowing it would only take one more small move from her before he’d completely lose it.

She was never sure about how she’d feel with talking during sex - Roy never said anything during it, and neither did she. But this was different. This was the kind of thing where what they were doing for each other was so good that they couldn’t just not say anything. She liked that Ryan talked dirty, it was great, she definitely enjoyed it. And if anything it made her work harder to please him. She could feel that he was getting close, as if the hips rolling and his hands knotting into the bed sheets wasn’t an obvious sign. She took him in deeper, her fingernails scratching at his hips as she suctioned her lips around him and pulled up, knowing that was enough to send him over completely, and only took him in deeper when it did.

She pulled away, glancing over at him with a smug grin as she crawled up to rest beside him. She knew he’d need at least a few minutes to recooperate, but that didn’t stop her much. She turned towards him, her fingers trailing up and down his chest - her nails scratching at his skin. “You’re quite the talker, huh?” She asked, her eyes meeting his as she continued, “It’s sexy.” She leaned forward, kissing him hard, her teeth digging into his bottom lip and tugging on it, letting it go before she moved to his ear. “I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” She whispered, then taking his earlobe between her teeth and nibbling slowly. He got her in a mood, a completely dirty sexual mood. And she wasn’t quite sure how she was going to get out of it.

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If her moving and grinding against his mouth was any indication of her being close, feeling her entire body rock from orgasm definitely gave it away. He hadn’t expected to enjoy watching and doing it as much as he had, especially hearing his name, which was definitely something he hadn’t been expecting. It was an ‘in the moment’ thing, he knew that, but still - hearing his name was oddly personal, not that he wasn’t completely into it. Because he was. He definitely was. He couldn’t help but feel a swell of personal pride, always looking for any way to swell his already huge ego. Knowing he’d made her come just from his mouth alone would definitely be a thing he’d brag about.

He sort of wished he knew anything about the layout of their apartment, because he’d just grab her and pull her into the bedroom himself, feeling that impatient. He hoped she could see he was equally into this as much as he was, and he was regretting ever giving her any other reason not to think so. He was definitely into it, and he really hoped this wouldn’t be the first and ONLY time they would be doing this. His mind practically screamed with joy when she pulled him with her, even more turned on now that she was in control. He always loved when the girl took over, but seeing her like this was something he definitely wanted to see all the time now. Seriously, was Roy an idiot? He fell back onto the bed and kissed her back just as passionate, a groan escaping his lips when she broke away. He watched her, completely enthralled and he knew right away what was happening, and he was sure the image would be burned into his brain for the rest of his life. If he thought she was hot before, this topped that by a mile. It was still such a foreign concept to be here with her, doing this, watching her kiss her way down his body. But it was happening, and he could seriously get used to this. His hips lifted to help her get his boxers off and out of the way, his back arching into the bed when she wasted no time taking him into her mouth. He made a strangled noise in the back of his throat, hips bucking involuntarily against her. Oh yeah, he could definitely get used to this. 

He was into it, he was definitely into it and she could tell. She could tell by the look on his face, especially by his eyes, and she liked that she was able to read him - at least in this sexual way, probably not in any other way. But that was okay, because they weren’t in this for some relationship, or to learn more about each other. This was for sex. This was so she could finally have her sex life fulfilled without even having to worry about Roy, seeing as how it wasn’t even nearly as good as this anyway - and that was determined without even fully having sex with Ryan yet. How sad.

She placed her hands on each of his hips, trying to hold him down though it was no use, so instead she matched his rhythm, taking him in deep and letting his hips push him in and out of her mouth. The noises he was making was enough to determine that he was enjoying this, a lot, and she definitely felt a little smug about it. A lot smug. Ryan was someone that she felt, was hard to satisfy. He hadn’t acted like this would be too great, and he’d said that he was interested in seeing her in this sort of way. She’d never been with someone and felt so… comfortable, oddly. She wasn’t nervous, she just had this weird desire to please him, or to be please by him, and only him. She’d picked the perfect person to have an affair with, and she could tell right now that this definitely wouldn’t be a one time thing. She couldn’t think of a day where she’d be able to give something like this up. She swirled her tongue along the tip of his cock, her hand closing around him and pumping up and down as she did so, before she took him in her mouth once again - wanting to hear him at least half as much as she knows he heard her.

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