If her moving and grinding against his mouth was any indication of her being close, feeling her entire body rock from orgasm definitely gave it away. He hadn’t expected to enjoy watching and doing it as much as he had, especially hearing his name, which was definitely something he hadn’t been expecting. It was an ‘in the moment’ thing, he knew that, but still - hearing his name was oddly personal, not that he wasn’t completely into it. Because he was. He definitely was. He couldn’t help but feel a swell of personal pride, always looking for any way to swell his already huge ego. Knowing he’d made her come just from his mouth alone would definitely be a thing he’d brag about.

He sort of wished he knew anything about the layout of their apartment, because he’d just grab her and pull her into the bedroom himself, feeling that impatient. He hoped she could see he was equally into this as much as he was, and he was regretting ever giving her any other reason not to think so. He was definitely into it, and he really hoped this wouldn’t be the first and ONLY time they would be doing this. His mind practically screamed with joy when she pulled him with her, even more turned on now that she was in control. He always loved when the girl took over, but seeing her like this was something he definitely wanted to see all the time now. Seriously, was Roy an idiot? He fell back onto the bed and kissed her back just as passionate, a groan escaping his lips when she broke away. He watched her, completely enthralled and he knew right away what was happening, and he was sure the image would be burned into his brain for the rest of his life. If he thought she was hot before, this topped that by a mile. It was still such a foreign concept to be here with her, doing this, watching her kiss her way down his body. But it was happening, and he could seriously get used to this. His hips lifted to help her get his boxers off and out of the way, his back arching into the bed when she wasted no time taking him into her mouth. He made a strangled noise in the back of his throat, hips bucking involuntarily against her. Oh yeah, he could definitely get used to this. 

He was into it, he was definitely into it and she could tell. She could tell by the look on his face, especially by his eyes, and she liked that she was able to read him - at least in this sexual way, probably not in any other way. But that was okay, because they weren’t in this for some relationship, or to learn more about each other. This was for sex. This was so she could finally have her sex life fulfilled without even having to worry about Roy, seeing as how it wasn’t even nearly as good as this anyway - and that was determined without even fully having sex with Ryan yet. How sad.

She placed her hands on each of his hips, trying to hold him down though it was no use, so instead she matched his rhythm, taking him in deep and letting his hips push him in and out of her mouth. The noises he was making was enough to determine that he was enjoying this, a lot, and she definitely felt a little smug about it. A lot smug. Ryan was someone that she felt, was hard to satisfy. He hadn’t acted like this would be too great, and he’d said that he was interested in seeing her in this sort of way. She’d never been with someone and felt so… comfortable, oddly. She wasn’t nervous, she just had this weird desire to please him, or to be please by him, and only him. She’d picked the perfect person to have an affair with, and she could tell right now that this definitely wouldn’t be a one time thing. She couldn’t think of a day where she’d be able to give something like this up. She swirled her tongue along the tip of his cock, her hand closing around him and pumping up and down as she did so, before she took him in her mouth once again - wanting to hear him at least half as much as she knows he heard her.

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