He couldn’t help but notice how this bordered on strangely intimate, but maybe that was just a side effect of having sex with someone you’ve known for a while… even if they barely knew anything about each other. Still, sex made you feel things you thought you were really there. That’s why more half the people who say I love you during sex never mean it. It’s just a reaction. So just because he thought she was cute and more than appealing probably didn’t mean anything. It was just because she’d gone down on him, and he’d successfully made her feel fucking good, and that was all just playing tricks on his mind. After they were done, he’d go back to thinking straight. It was never easy when she was still underneath him, looking completely turned on and gorgeous.

He met her gaze and he felt like his whole body was on fire, the overwhelming feeling of him moving inside of her and looking down at her, and it was all enough to make him come right then. When she pulled him down for a kiss he was relieved, he wanted to push this as far as he could go, sure as hell not wanting it to end so quickly. “Shit,” he hissed, his hand pressing hard into her hip, pushing himself even farther into her. He didn’t even care anymore, and he knew it might leave bruises on her side, but right now he wasn’t worried about any of that. He couldn’t think about anything else but her, and how good he felt at this moment and never wanting it to stop. He groaned, almost missing her begging him to move faster, but he was already adjusting himself at a better angle so he could do just that. He pulled himself up, his hips moving even quicker, pounding into her, his breathing becoming totally erratic. ”God, you’re so fucking beautiful,” he said, before he could stop it, but he’s fucking her, really fucking her and his brain doesn’t even think to feel embarrassed about it. It’s already out there, slipped out from just a passing thought he had, a normal reaction to have when screwing someone. It’s because he’s close, and he knows he won’t last much longer at this rate.

She felt his hand against her hip, and she knew instantly it was going to leave a mark, but she didn’t care, it was going to be worth it. If it was up to her, she would be all marked up from hickeys and teeth marks, if only they didn’t have to hide that they were doing this. She watched him move slightly and all of a sudden he was pushing into her father, and harder, and faster, and her moaning got louder, and she couldn’t even think straight, could hardly breathe. She brought one hand into her hair, her back arching as she rolled her hips up, faster, and harder, grinding against his own. She was surprised by the compliment, but she didn’t show it. Instead she acted as if it hadn’t been said, though it clearly had. It was because he was in the moment, they were both very in the moment, too far now to even think of getting out of it. “Fucking christ, Ryan,” She moaned, loudly, louder than she had moaned anything else that’s for sure. And there was his name. Again, probably because she was just in the moment. She felt the feeling in her stomach intensify, and she knew there was no way she was going to hold on. She reached her hands up to place them against his cheeks, steadying his face so he could look at her, her eyes fluttering open. She didn’t stop her hips from meeting his as she spoke, “Come with me.” She stated, it wasn’t a question or a beg, but almost a plea, her hands slowly trailing down his chest.

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He couldn’t help but laugh into her when her hips bucked against his mouth. It wasn’t funny per say, but hearing and seeing her like was just so hot, he couldn’t remember a time he so turned on. Also he really wanted to get her to curse again. He moved his tongue up and down inside of her, paying close attention to particular things she liked or responded well to. He’d done this a few times in the past, but all of these things just seemed way more enjoyable with her, and he wasn’t even sure why. Maybe it was because she was more appreciative of it all, which was sort of different experience for Ryan. He was used to girls just demanding and expecting certain things from him. It wasn’t something he’d ever realized before her, but he knew that doing all these things for her would never feel like a chore, and he’d happily do whatever she wanted. He kept going, tongue varying speeds as his mouth found her clit and closed around it. He couldn’t help but groan, the sound vibrating against her. He moved with her, placing a hand at her hip so he could steady her as she moved around, continuing to tease and suck, hoping to just drive her crazy and right over the edge. He was enjoying all of it as much as she was, getting harder the more it went on and knew he’d better stop soon or he’d be done already, and he couldn’t risk that.

“You taste so fucking good,” he said, pulling away from her, a whisper against her body. It came out before he could stop it, but it’s true and in that moment he just needed her to know because he’s so turned on, more than he had been in a while. He leaned up to kiss her, knowing he can’t wait any longer because honestly if anything else were to happen, he’d probably explode from anticipation. “Should we say here or?” he asked, not even caring how desperate or impatient his voice sounded.

She heard him laugh, slightly, and she wondered how the hell he could be laughing in a moment like this, but that thought left her mind as soon as it entered. She had no time to think when he was a damn expert at what he was doing, or so it seemed. She couldn’t stop herself from moving, wiggling, her hips rolling to meet his mouth. She was normally one not to look, when this was rarely being done to her, but she couldn’t help but look down as her fingers tightened their hold in his hair. Looking down only turned her on more, and she didn’t even realize how much she was moaning, her breathing heavy, and her eyes half lidded. She could feel that feeling in her stomach, the build up right before the climax. She knew it was coming, and she couldn’t believe that he was already making her orgasm, and they hadn’t even had sex yet. Her thought on believing he was going to be really great, was becoming more and more real. Once his hand was placed on her hip to try and tame them, she tried herself to stop moving - but then he was sucking on her clit and she was a gone. She threw her head back, going between trying to catch her breath, and muttering words like, “fuck,” which was rare because she didn’t swear that often, or his name, which was also a big surprise because she told herself she was going to try not to do that. She heard him whisper as he pulled away, but she couldn’t hear a word he said over her own breathing, and it probably wasn’t anything important anyway.

She kissed him back, tasting herself on his lips which was weirdly a turn on. She was surprised by his question, and even more at the impatient tone that she could most definitely hear. He was obviously getting into it, or well, definitely into it all together. She liked that. He’d originally made it sound like it was going to be a chore, or was just teasing her in that way - but either way that upset her, and she hoped she could have it be more enjoyable in a way where he’d want to do this. And by the sound of his voice, he definitely did. “C’mon,” She whispered, somewhat breathless as she grabbed his hand and pulled him with her as she stood up, tugging him with her as she made her way down the hall, stopping once to pull him in for a kiss. She was glad that Roy wasn’t big on pictures, because they didn’t have any, at all, in the room. Which made it perfect for moments like this.. though she was sure that’s not why they didn’t have them. She shut the door behind him before shoving him onto the bed with a smirk. She crawled over him, kissing him passionately, her tongue slipping between his lips. She then broke the kiss, slowly trailing her lips to his jaw, his neck, his collarbone, his chest, down his stomach where she used that moment to pull of his boxers and throw them to the side. She nipped at his stomach, and then at both of his hips before wasting no time and taking him into her mouth. She could honestly say this is the first time she’d given head and actually wanted to, and that was weird for her to admit to herself, but it was true. 

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